Xinke Protective starts to produce advanced flame retardant fabrics for personal protection and workwear since 1998, which is the premier producer of safety fabrics in China. With many years of extensive experience and dedicated textile technicians, Xinke Protective provides a total range of protective products with a strong focus on innovation and quality assurance.

The products are widely used in industrial laundries, International oil & gas markets, welding, electrical ulitilies, mining and many other industrial safety applications. Today, Xinke Protective has well established the network of local sales office and representatives, which provide the a superior range of ecological and comfort FR Fabrics to the world.

Xinke Protective is extending a wider range of PPE products to the whole world, which cover the whole body protection.

Our products are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly also Oeko-certified.

Safe of Life

Fire retardant means a fabric that is self-extinguishing; if ignited,it will stop burning when the source of ignition is removed;without any melting or dripping,which can give protection from flame metal splash spark & Arc flash.Wherever there’s risk we provide safe of life -for wearers, for employers, and for garment providers.

Xinke protective fabrics provide the best protection in industrial work wear-certified to all relevant ISO,ANSI,ASTM,NFPA,CGSB,EN and other standards. The flame retardant can stand washing 100 time and guaranteed for the garment’s entire lifespan.